“We fall in love by chance… we stay in love by choice” … and moving on is also a choice. I knew it was time to change the course of my life. Terrifying as it seems to take small/baby steps but I hate standing on the same ground and I don’t want to commit the same mistakes. I understand there are no guarantees in life and sometimes fighting for that one thing that makes us happy makes no sense at all. 

Looking at all the benefits of keeping my distance, I know it will save my heart from serious wreckage. All the signs pointed to one realization, I need to maintain a healthy boundary between us. People change, feelings as well. Should I listen to that little voice? Should I learn to trust my instincts? It may be hard to draw the line that would separate my wants from my needs but am done loving the wrong people.


13 thoughts on “Realization…

  1. As always Quirky, you truly See. Sometimes chasing happiness means you have to let go of things and people you “should” love. It’s hard to let go of the stigma but it’s more important to try to find a happier you. Keep searching ❤

  2. I can relate to this writing very much. “Moving on is a choice.. hate standing on the same ground.. don’t want to commit the same mistakes”. I do want to say the same thing “I’m done loving the wrong people”

  3. It is easy to love your words you share because they are always selflessly genuine! This makes it easy to embrace and love your beautiful spirit! Hugs and blessings always my sister!

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