Truth be told…

Even though my heart denies everything…

The emotions

The sudden beating 

The unexplained excitement

That I cannot contest what it feels at the moment.

That somewhere in my dreams I found relief from this unforeseen catastrophe.

That before love becomes an unavoidable casualty it needs thorough attention.

A phenomenon in my life I need to embrace…

Surrendering to the fact… that I’m falling for you.
(c) Quirkyshine ❤❤❤

Image: google 

16 thoughts on “​~Admission~

  1. Nothing is more glorious than true love, thanks for sharing such a delightful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊

  2. With Admission there arises Compassion. Then with Compassion there comes Initiation.
    “That somewhere in my dreams I found relief from this unforeseen catastrophe.”

    This says its all for me. I will be offline for a while. Not sure how long that is. Yet this poem of yours feels like the last I will read for a while. As certain things are getting much easier and effortless. There are other things getting harder and more rigorous. I’m going to be focusing on the reality of something much bigger. I “admitted” and “committed” myself to a bigger step in life. Realizing, as I write this, my “heart” is ‘beating’ faster than usual as I type these words. I’m grateful to have read this poem. My whole outlook and perception in life is changing. When I return, a new level of poetry and writing will surface. I’m sure you’ll be the first to recognize that. In the meantime, I’m working on the garden of life. Both real and metaphorical, dream and metaphysical.

    • Thank you very much! We will surely miss your soulful pen… I wish you well and whatever it is I pray it will be okay in time. We will wait for your come back and your new stories… be well and be healthy 😊😊 God bless you more 😊😊

      • Did you message me on FB or was that someone else? I’m just curious. I’m not sure who it was. Person said they were the “admin” of “My thoughts about life”. I’m not sure who’s who right now. Just making sure who I was briefly communicating too. Weird thing is, I can’t even message the person back. Wondering if it was you…?

      • It wasn’t an inconvenience. You do know I wrote you an email after you messaging me on Facebook. I wonder if my email went to spam or you ignored it. I can’t tell which. Everything I wrote was from my heart and soul. Pure peaceful intention of pleasant connection with clarity of communication. If I did offend you or whatever, then its just another reason for me to move on and no longer really talk to or reach out to anybody. These kinds of miscommunications seems to happen to me a lot as of recently.

      • Hi my friend! Actually I have problems on my email lately… I cannot open it… but I got so busy I have no time to fix it… hey chill… nothing to worry… we are good 😊😊😊

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