​~Is it Really Love?~

Dear Doubting Heart,
Something’s holding me back… could it be the distance? Could it be our fate? I don’t know… But I need to remind you once more that you’re too fragile to fall in love again… you’re too broken for another heartbreak. 
Is it really love? Or attachment?

Does it have to be complicated? Asking for signs, finding all the right reasons even though obviously wrong. You are too stubborn to heed the warnings. 
Dear heart, it’s way too soon to give in to your cravings. Why not pause for a minute… search from within… wait until it pleases… till the universe conspires… till it’s time. Just stay where you are. 
Is it really love?

Your Master

(c) Quirkyshine 
“Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” Song of Solomon 8:4

18 thoughts on “​~Is it Really Love?~

  1. Super inspiring. Deeply co-inspiring. Long distance love is seemingly one of the most complicated types of love there is. The attachment with such a love is at times the most blinding and usually the most obsessive of all. The waiting for the Universe to reveal the right signs is another deeper truth to it all. Reminds me of a longer story poem I once wrote called, “Awaiting with Patience from Afar”. There was an entire paragraph I wrote in that poem similar to the theme that you wrote in this Masterful Heartfelt Message. Alleviating the tension of the “doubting” and waiting for the right time to prevent those already “broken” hearts from being even more broken. At times the worst relationships there are seem to be the “rebound” guy or the infatuated “cheater” type of person. Universal Co-Inspirational Directional Energy at its most wholeheartedly wise and straightforwardly finest.

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful insight and for reading… i wonder why love has to be that complicated… why we can’t stop our hearts from falling… why love though brings us pain we keep loving… 😊😊😊

      • Its an age old question. Since the first romantic love poets till present day. I wonder if the cycle of pain and suffering will ever end. What good is it teaching humanity this constant lesson. Haven’t we all wisely lived and honestly learned as a collective species already.

      • I think it will not end… cause not all stories are the same… not all relationships are the same… like we learn from each sad ending… but new stories coming and new lessons waiting. We’ll never learn how to love unless we are ready to get hurt ❤

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