​Dear love,

You are my comfort zone. Yes, I feel safe with you, yet you are not my favorite place, never will be. You are not my kind of haven and I’m so sorry. Forgive me for keeping a safe distance until I learn more about parameters. I wanted to try new formulas and solutions but am afraid it will be another misguided calculation. So allow me this time to reflect on things that matter most. 
Are you just a fleeting emotion?

Are you my anticipated failure?

Are you my future hesitancy?

Are you another proof of uncertainty?
While yielding to disprove your fallacy, I will let time unfold itself and test my own theory. I believe there’s more to our story. More and more to learn… hence, I’ll keep on testing these hypotheses till I master the art of loving you.
Yours truly,

Doubting Heart
(c) Quirkyshine ❤❤❤

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