~How Does it Feel to be Friendzoned?~

There I go…

The zone I am quite familiar with,

The pinch of anguish,

The tone of fervent prayers,

Those restless days and sleepless nights.

Tables turned am back to square one.

There I go again…

Off to this tormenting avenue,

I know much of the place,

The bumpy roads,

The driveways and alleys,

The lanes and streets,

And the end of it.

I dwell not on its pain…

But the bitter taste and 

Sickening scent of falling

Slowly driving me insane.

Those butterflies in my stomach

Even science cannot explain.

How does it feel to be friendzoned?

Oh! It’s like drowning in your own dream

That knock of death of an uninvited guest

The thrill it gets when secrets laid bare

Whose mess is this?

When it’s a love I can’t have.
© quirkyshine

18 thoughts on “~How Does it Feel to be Friendzoned?~

  1. You need friends in your life to lift you up …need not be human beings you pets …diary can be your best friends too…lucky is the person who is blessed with a friend who knows all of your flaws but is still ready to stand for and support you in tough times

  2. Your words always touch a heart because of the deep reality of your words! One can feel the selfless spirit within you! Sending you spiritual hugs to make you smile! My sister, know you are greatly loved!

  3. Ever since I’ve gotten on wordpress, I have noticed something. Girls talking about being Friendzoned, and I would have thought it mostly a guy thing… Anyways that is beside the point, this is great.

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