~What Does Cancer Feel Like~


(For the fearless survivors)

What does cancer feel like?

Of course, it’s really terrible yet challenging…
The thought of dying soon.
The pain every IV insertion and blood extraction.
The terrible swelling of the veins…
The thought of losing your hair…
The idea of shopping scarfs and wigs…
The cold temperature inside the chemo room
The terrible smell of the food…
The weakness you feel after the last shot…
The worries haunting you at night…
The thought of missing important events (weddings of friends, birthdays of loved ones, Christmas, Valentine’s day)
The idea of writing farewell letters and notes for friends…
The small things that irritate you like noise, bright lights, and other kinds of stuff…
The insecurities you feel cause people gonna treat you differently like everyone gonna treat you like a fragile thing…
The feeling of doing confession every night as you might not wake up the next day…
The scary nightmares creeping into our bones… coffins, big needles chasing us, etc…
The sickening taste of food after chemo session…
The thought of having cancer is a curse… WHEN IN TRUTH IT’S NOT.

However, life is a journey… it has many twists and turns and sometimes it favors the brave.


Cancer changed me in so many ways from a very boring girl to being fearless and bold. I dare not protest and resist the will of God. I thought of it like an adventure – a fun trip worth remembering. Truly I am grateful for what it taught me. Therefore, I salute all of you with this kind of battle. It was never easy but we choose to fight.

According to the movie New Life… “we are patients cause they are teaching us patience”.

For me cancer became my best teacher… it taught me to always LIVE FULLY with so much love.

❀ ❀ ❀

(c) quirkyshine



42 thoughts on “~What Does Cancer Feel Like~

  1. Dear friend,
    Wonderful your attitude – and remember you have always God with you –
    then all burden and sorrows are not so heavy to carry on one’s shoulders.
    Have a peaceful Sunday and always courage in your heart πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing
    All the best

    • Amen. I love your message dear Didi… yes God is with me… with you… with us all… His grace is sufficient ❀❀❀ God bless you and thank you for reading πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

      • Thank you, dear friend πŸ™‚

        Yes, God is everywhere and in everyone – the body is the real temple of God, residing in our heart. He is the life of our life, the breath of our breath, the soul of our soul.

        May also God bless you and your family

  2. In one of my employment I was able to support people living with a life-threatening illness and terminal illness which saw my supporting many who had cancer. They showed me their willing courage against adversity and how much to appreciated life. Some of them went on to be cancer free and others passed away but those who passed away knew it inside and although some were scared the majority faces it with courage. Yes a life altering event in ones life becomes a teacher. I’m pleased that you made it through your bout with cancer.

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