22 thoughts on “~The Distance Between Us~

  1. So true. Some might say the strength of love increases as to the opposition thrown at it. Such that the greater the opposition, the stronger love unites and strengthens. I’d say, there’s some truth in that. However, Love is also independent of opposition. In the sense that, despite the calamity or the sereneness of the situation, true and genuine love would forever increase unconditionally.
    Great post. Thanks for sharing. Good Luck.

    • Wow… I am amazed by your words here… thank you so much… truly love is a complex thing to understand… but just look inside your heart and beat the odds… 😊😊😊😊

  2. Awww, am flattered😊😊. You’re welcome. It sure is. Thanks.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ Love is a journey of never-ending lessons. It only gets much more beautiful after each lesson has been learnt. By the way, good going with the blog – it’s cool.

  3. Love is Boundless Limitless and Timeless. Love is Precious with effervescence of Gratitude Resplendentnance. Like a Sunshine uplifted Dance. Realized and Actualized… The stars are as eternally alive as you. Never dead and never far. So close within reach of your own quintessential heart. For it The Book of Stars “I/we” gift to the world. Seeing this post, reminds me of the powerful pleasantness this *’book’ of books* shall have to all who read it. No matter which star-world they may very well come from. Universal Love transcends and moves through the Cosmos in an instant osmosis. As artfully poetic nanoseconds reveal this metamorphoses. Where time stands still and Loves-Freedom peacefully pauses for those ready to feel (honoring) the truth of Life’s Grand Miracles like a Master Screen Play. Tree’s grow as tall as mountains and people soar as high as towers. Remember, you are the tower and you are that tree,. Growing-ever strong and uplifting ever-higher. To whom it matters most (you it is) that reaches the heavens and becomes one like the soulfully-lit-stars. Ever presently alive and ever peacefully realized. You are on your way to greatness…

    Cosmic Poet

    • Your words are so profound… like stars in the sky… bring magic to my day 😊😊😊 thank you so much for supporting my works and for all the wonderful comments… I thought of resting my pen for awhile but readers like you made me write more and more inspirational stuff ❀❀❀ I’ll see you in the cosmos of words ❀❀

      • You were the first to “like” and comment on my Blog. Truly, you were the first “fan” or “follower” on such a blog that inspired and showed me, “Wow!?” This typing internet blogging is awesome. I went many years only hand writing. Till the recent few years, I started to type some things. Yet never posted it openly and aloud to a virtual (digital) audience. You’ve inspired me in more ways than one. Thank you for continuing to poetically (philosophically) write and sharing your great soulful ‘n’ heartful stories.

      • Please keep your pen burning and explore everything… from dark to light… cosmos and oceans… you are gifted too with deepness and fiery spirit… please help this world in spreading light through your words 😊😊

      • You’re mysterious. Please keep the pen going. Both the physical pen in your hand and the pen thats considered digital. You aren’t as ‘busy’ as you think you are. You’re super creative. Keep it going. The momentum is happening and time is on your side. Beauty inside and out.

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