Within my soul

A pitch that lasts

Aroused by his arresting rhythms

When he calls my name

I drift into his tone

So sweet

So consoling

And my heart starts singing


Till the highest note

He will always be my range
(c) Quirkyshine


27 thoughts on “​~Falsetto~

      • Sure 😊

        When two hearts beat together,
        the melody sounds so sweet.
        No greater tune can ever be heard,
        than when two loving hearts meet.

        Every note, stringed together as one
        comes from both heart’s devotion.
        Creating a musical masterpiece,
        filled with so much deep emotion.

        A love tune without an ending,
        as new notes are continually played.
        A beautiful melody from hearts in love.

      • Just returning home by bus … after having a long and hectic day of college …tired and exhausted …your post refreshed me …gratitude dear sister Quirky 😊

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