29 thoughts on “~The Taste~

  1. Awww! But there is different pains in life from different situations. One pain is not akin to another. Joy and sorrow are intertwined in life….it’s life. Without pain we would not grow and pain teaches us what is wrong with others as well as ourselves/ Feel yourself hugged.

  2. many a time people know the taste of pain and look for someone who could ease their pain and then in the process experience the pain again .. so should be little more conscious about that ..

  3. I love your message, but besides that pain which was caused by someone selfish and un-genuine, you now know and enjoy those who selflessly love you in a true and genuine way my sister, and that nourishment brings to life a wonderful blossoming in your heart and spirit! You are a blessing to many!

  4. I am sorry to hear that. May it fade Keep on rocking us all with your beautiful works. I am sure that all of us would gladly take away your pain; if we could. You are not alone.

  5. Remember you are living art. Your works have inspired many people; me among them. You are a treasure and valued for who you are a person and as a writer. May you find a person who will light up your life; love and respect you for you.

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