~Unsent Letter~

To the one who badly broke my heart…
I wish I could find a pill to forget you

I even prayed harder that God will make me numb

So this heart of mine would stop bleeding


I tried to stay away from the limelight

Did all my best not to think of you most of the time

I never talked about you anymore

And I tried moving on from our painful parting


But I can’t… 

I just can’t…

Something is not right

It is wrong to keep my hopes high


You are still in my heart

Always as always

And memories keep coming back


I am not missing one of them

Since I live in fantasy everyday

To keep those memories alive


It’s really hard to let go of this love

Since you mean so much to me

And I made a promise not to leave you

Don’t  know if I should keep those words


You are far away now

Beyond my sights’ reach


You are not the perfect guy to chase

Just cute but not handsome

Just cool but not a head turner

You are not every woman’s fantasy


But this heart is strange

It always points back to you


Strange why I really want you

Strange why my heart is always looking for you

When you are no longer looking for me


Strange that you don’t actually deserve me

But this heart says you are the best for me


Strange that you might be loving someone else now

Yet this heart hopes it’s still me you love


Strange that we were like cats and dogs

Yet I missed those arguments ’cause thats how I learned to be humble


I wish to find the light

As every night gets colder

Sometimes tears just roll down my face

‘Cause I badly missed you

How I wish this feeling

Would just go away

So no more dying each day

27 thoughts on “~Unsent Letter~

  1. Sometimes the very same pain transforms us into Something which we never thought we’d be in future. The very same Something becomes us and starts leading our life in place of us.

    • What a beautiful wisdom here… gosh you are right… 😊😊 i wanna share this comment soon of course with proper credits… you inspired me to create a lighter positive piece 😊😊😊

      • Glad to help. You’ve written beautifully, perhaps that inspired my wisdom; comes from being that SOMETHING since 3 years so know a thing or two about it πŸ˜› Keep writing.

  2. I have been here. EXACTLY here. Reading this took me back and all I could do was nod and share in the pain of anyone who’s every experienced this as well. It DID make me a stronger person but dammit it, it hurt like HELL. I love this. What a good reminder. Simple and heart-felt and beautiful.

    • I hope things are well with you now… emotions sometimes go up and down… it may hurt like hell… but human instinct to survive such pain. 😊😊😊 thank you so much. Be well please 😊😊

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