Quirkyshine Speaks: On Living Under Pressure

I think we need to breathe more often. Life has become a race for some people and they missed some important events in their lives. While facing life’s countless pressures we forget to look ourselves in the mirror. Sometimes we ignore those signs of aging because we are too busy… too busy to care for ourselves.  It’s very overwhelming when we find out “we are not young anymore”.

It is likely that we are working so hard because we have deadlines for our goals in life. We don’t  want to be left out. And we don’t want to appear in social media that we are living a pathetic life, so we become slaves of stress and pressures  to keep up with the joneses.

It may not be our choice, but we are likely choosing a toxic path. It is important to take care of ourselves. In the middle of a busy day take time to check those fats, wrinkles, and gray hairs. Love those beautiful signs of growing old. Travel into your innermost soul and tell yourself “Hey breathe! Relax a bit!”. You have consumed a lot of energy why don’t you take a break. If stuck in traffic write a poem. If someone is late in the meeting talk to the person next to you. There is no need to get pissed off of daily stressors. Sometimes, we need to breathe and just enjoy the perks of living under pressure. 

18 thoughts on “Quirkyshine Speaks: On Living Under Pressure

  1. the best i read today qui..this is so so meaningful and a thought provoking post. often amidst the 9-6 corporate life we indeed forget to live for ourselves . we have turned in a machine and slowly the passion to have a world class life is slowly reducing inside us ..

  2. You are absolutely right. I totally agree with you that we tend to forget about ourselves. May we all take the time needed to do so and further take the time to enjoy living instead of swimming in stress and pressure.

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