~Forsaken Piece~

Dear Love,
There are many things I would like to say…
Wishes inside my heart
You have never heard before
These unwritten words and
Unspoken feelings 
Are the love you have forgotten
Yes I was the forsaken piece
Probably the missing verse in your poetry or
The omitted note in your song
I was history
You tried to dismiss from mind
When I lost you
I felt deserted
Leaving me lorn and empty
I was the raw rhythm
Never the muse portrayed in your sonnets
Hoping one day
You’ll see the naked truth
That I mean something
A valuable possession
Worth keeping 
Worthy to be loved
If only we could turn back time
Maybe we can rewrite 
Our fate that grown apart
I hope you know
That I am here to stay
Always and forever 
A forsaken piece
That keeps loving you from a distance and in silence


21 thoughts on “~Forsaken Piece~

  1. Beautiful! While I was reading, for a moment I did get lost in a dreamworld. I was going somewhere and thought of just checking out for new notifications, I saw your post, started reading it and I actually forgot where I was about to go!

    • Thank you so much for appreciating this… I used pain as my muse in writing… that’s the only way I can let it out from my heart… the loneliness.. the pain inside… through my prose i can let go of it 😊😊

  2. Wonderfully exquisite my sister! There is none among us who embrace your words, who will ever forsake your gems! Thank you for the blessings you send my way, and know you are always loved! God bless you!!!

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