~Of Letting You Go…

Everyday and everynight

I think of you


Beautiful thoughts I’d like to paint in the sky
For the whole world to see

Days and weeks
No words from you
Your silence speaks a lot
You aren’t coming back

I know… that you needed to go
Off to a place
Where you call your home
Where your heart belongs
I know not in my arms and caresses
But to a place 
Where you can express
Yourself through your sonnets and chants

To see you smiling
To see you happy
To see you unconstrained by my selfish whims
Are the things I pray at night

I needed to cut the string 
The string of hope 
Keep a portion of it
Seal it in my heart forever 

Someday my dreams are going to relive our memories
The good and the not so good
The bad and even the worst part 

I know… that you needed to go
Away from my shadow
Shadow that made your hands colder 
Thus difficult for you to hold tightly

I hope to see again the spark in your eyes
If it isn’t for me
That would be fine
I have to set you free
Because that’s what you asked from me

One day…
If our paths cross again
Please don’t ignore me, okay?
Instead greet me with your smile
A smile that once was mine

~quirkyshine November 27, 2016

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