~The Unexpected Guest ~

She was the epitome of innocence…
Everyone adores her naiveness
She was all natural 
Pure as her tears
Her smile moves hearts
Touches souls of men
Never a damsel in distress
She was just artless and plain
No complexities 
Never been in trouble
She was soft spoken nonchalant lady 
She could not ignite a fire
Could not evoke rage
She was uncorrupted 
She was so pristine
Then came a white knight 
And he was her unexpected guest….
He took her away 
Off to misery…
Ravaged her peace
Tainted her soul
He broke her heart
Broke her sanity
She can never be whole again

Β© quirky

19 thoughts on “~The Unexpected Guest ~

  1. Sometimes, a lightning bolt out of the a clear blue sky dishevels our life in the most unexpected manner, at the most unexpected time. This poem depicts the uninvited shock and pain clearly.

  2. my god quirk! that poem is fucking beautiful! it expresses anger and angst and disgust yet … it suggests that you are not losing your cool … but beneath it all you are …. seething!!! right? so what’ll happen is, before long that little puppy will be running away with his tail between his legs won’t he Quirkygril? there’s burning coals in there somewhere … naaa …. it’s a big donut … just kidding … !! oh … and it seems like every time you say if you had that minute that you are tapping a long nail oh your right hand onto marble .. tic tic tic … so … i really thought this was a great poem. listen … seriously … there’s some magic in that poem … it’s got the extra ‘reach’ … you feel it viscerally … it’s one of the best pieces i’ve read … your ‘mind’ jumped off the page at me … the reader .. i was not prepared to like what i was about to read .. but once i started … volumes of your world opened up … i could see it … the dishevelment … each ‘stanza’ spoke specifically about a complaint, a specific flaw or selfish stupidism … each concise description actually funny to listen to i think all three sections are hilarious .. but a little scary too. one more thing … there was a crescendo from the beginning to the end. an abrupt ending … this piece did a nice long jump for me … you are a strong woman …..

    • I enjoy your quirky comments my dear friend… its nice to catch up again… like we are just having some cup of tea or coffee… i enjoy our quirky conversations… hahahaha thank you for reading quirkyshine… shining in a weirdest way hahahaha cheers… oh wait… do i have to say cheers? When we’re having a cup of coffee… raise your glasses hahahaha

      • and throw the fucking coffee cup in the fire place … !! right? oh? you don’t have a fireplace? sorry …. by the way … i’ve copied the last two comments i made to you … have worked on them a little and will feature them as this thing called ” Notes From the Quirky Side” … of course i’ll put a link in there for you!! … jeeze … don’t be so quirky! probably tomorrow … maybe … probably but … probably not … i hope not … ok? bye

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