~The Story of Us~

I am not a good story writer 

But I assure you…

Our story will be different, beautiful, and unforgettable 

For better or for worse

During sunny days and rainy weeks

You and me 

To infinity and beyond

I will love you

You will love me

For richer or for poorer 

In sickness and in health

We will start a new chapter

Write memories of forever

Through thick and thin

Just the two of Us

In a happy ever after love story
~quirky shine


24 thoughts on “~The Story of Us~

  1. hey Quirk! why don’t you check out my other blog called “Once and For All” … it’s of quite a different ‘slant’ than The Big House. you’ll see ….. ks

    very sweet of you to read so many of my pieces … thank you …. ks

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