​I have a fiery heart yet monogamous in nature. I have creepy and unearthly means of dealing mysteries in life. I am weak and strong but it’s the latter that holds my preposterous reasoning. I can be absurd and clear. I can be loud and quiet in both extremes. I am a singular verb living in a world of plurality. I act and do things on my own because I am alone but happy.


13 thoughts on “~Singular~

  1. tonight i was thinking that no one else is like me … i mean, no one else comes up with the bullshit i do …. or … is so fucking funny, quirky, stupid, smart, inarticulate, articulate, sexy, unkempt, or such an asshole … but really cool guy …… as me!

    but then I realized that there are probably a few dozen in the world who feel the same way about themselves !!… including YOU Quirk!! Jeeze … it’s like we’re a little tribe isn’t it? … or … maybe not … I’m not always so sure of myself ….. on the other hand there are times when …. oh … ! sorry … ! I get carried away. thanks for inspiring me Quirk … ks

      • So … Quirk … i wanted to thank you for being quirky because quirky means … wull …. stooopid ? WRONG … ! it means funny you dope ass … right quirk? Ok so … I wanted to thank you for …. …….. ….. forgot what I was going to say … Oh! for being Quirkshine ! ! so i want everyone to raise a fist for “the QUIRK” … It always works … I don’t know how to end this …. good bye .k

      • Ohhh no i have my own ways… strange as it sounds… but I don’t care what people say about me… real friends I have and I do trust their judgments about me… yes i am quirkyly fine in my quirky ways .. funny… strange… weird but with a heart hahaha you do make me laugh 😊😊😊😊

      • MAKE YOU LAUGH! that’s ridiculous! i never made anybody laugh in my life! Or theirs! well … there was that one time i made the guy laugh who was giving me a lie detector test … but that’s all … !

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