​~Rebound Love~

I lost my mind…

It’s like I am torn between living and dying

Sometimes I wanted to forget how it was to love and be loved…

Like I don’t deserve all the happiness in this world

How do I save my sanity?

When you took everything and left me unwarranted

How will I ever survive?

If I lost my heart…

While loving someone deeply 

Yet not ready to accept my love completely

How am I supposed to believe in true love?

When fate has been so cruel

And all I can think of is to crawl slowly 

To help myself out from what’s killing me

At times, I just wanted to fade

Cease to love

Run away from all pain

To go oblivion

See if you care enough to find me…

Why is it so hard for you to show some care?

The comfort that I deserve

Why am I always the rebound?

The fixer of your broken soul

Like I’d never get hurt in the process

Neither I have powers nor potion to make things perfect for you…

Why can’t you just accept

The fact she is nowhere now

And I am somewhere here

Offering the best more than she can

What must I do now?

Now that breathing has a price

Where can I buy morphine?

To ease the pain inside…

Why loving someone who’s afraid to move on  

Is like committing suicide

Sometimes I just wanted to vanish

To perish into darkness

Where my light can be seen no more

© quirky