​~The Darkest Truth~

You will always be my greatest phobia…

The kind of fear that will haunt me to death

You will be my preoccupation 

My most bitter apology


You will be my despair…

And your tears my oxygen

The moment you let go of me

You know that

I need you…

You are my air… 

My heart beat…

My sanity…


You will be a plague

My unbearable torture

My shameful disaster

The moment you kiss me goodbye

You are my hope…

My clarity…

My good night sleep…


You will be my historic anguish 

Once you leave me unwanted

You are my peace…

My vision…

My reason to live…

My existence…


You will be my unforgettable trauma

My deepest cut

My incurable wound

Once you walk away

You are the ink in my peculiar pen

You are the life of my poems

The harmony to my songs

The only truth of my future


None could comprehend the magnitude of your tremor

The calamity you might bring into my life

Once you become my darkest memory
© quirky

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