~The Cure~

That feeling…

When “hellos” get colder

And tears taste better than kisses

That pain…

When “goodbyes” sound sweeter than hundred I love you’s 

And walking away hurts more than a thousand stab wounds

That sorrow…

When you hurt the one you love the most

And “sorry” seems an overstated word

That ache…

When you miss the person you care so much

And not a million poems could bring him back 

That loneliness…

When he is worth fighting for

Yet you died in the process of holding on

That sting

That throb

That soreness 

In your heart

In your mind and

In your soul

When only his love

A cure for all

And can make you whole again
© quirky


4 thoughts on “~The Cure~

  1. Life and Love

    Is full of ups and downs

    Even sometimes

    Our opinions and thoughts

    With our most loved ones differ

    They may be our Parents , Brothers Sisters

    And many more to mention

    Does it mean an end to relationship with them?

    Life never goes as smoothly as we wish.

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