​~Then Forever~

Should I hold on a little longer?

Save all tears and

Wait some more time?

Till your pain cease to hurt

Will you be here?

When the sun starts shining 

When you finally realize it’s  me all along

Who can love all the clouds in your thoughts

Who can untangle the loop of sadness in your eyes

Will the rain stop pouring?

When you’re  ready  to  dance with me 

When you’re set for life

-A life with me…

Will you meet my soul then?

After a long retreat

After chasing paradise

After counting  stars

Will you be coming home?

When things fall into place 

Back into my arms

Back into my kisses

Back into my caresses 

Just you and me 

Then forever 

© quirky

2 thoughts on “​~Then Forever~

  1. I don’t know too much about love.

    Just focusing on my studies.

    Falling in love is not yet a priority.

    I have long way to go.

    But I feel.

    You should be there with me

    At sunrise

    To witness the start of a wonderful day.

    With you bieng with me.

    You should be there in my mind always

    Your face in my mind all the time.

    Your small messages

    How are you?

    Take care

    Mean a lot to me

    You should there with me to witness the Sunset.

    To tell me the day was fine with you.

    I am afraid of darkness

    But I feel secure

    With you Bieng with me

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