​~Help Me Understand~

Help me understand?

A love that is supposed to be wonderful

But it brings me to tears

Two hearts too broken

To give a good fight 

Help me understand?

Why our world is falling apart?

Why every sad song bleeds me to death?

Help me understand?

Why this pain of missing you is my only shield of comfort?

Why nights get colder

And days turn darker?

Help me understand…

Why letting go is so hard to do?

And holding on is my only option that gives me so much peace

No other ways and means

But to follow my heart

Though your silence slowly breaks my sanity

I still choose to love

Help me understand?

A battle between life and death

When I have to lose to save you

And all these scars

Mean victory

That true love does exist 

Help me understand?

Why there is no formula to unlove you…

Why my heart can bear all the bruises and cuts

Just to be near you…

That I can forgive and forget a thousandfold 

Help me understand?

Why loving you, is aching me terribly

Yet I cannot retreat

Help me understand?

Why I love you so much

And you mean everything to me


26 thoughts on “​~Help Me Understand~

  1. I don’t know much about love

    Since I am not in love

    But it’s very difficult to part with person whom you are in love

    Whatever may be the circumstances.

    It’s because the heart in love fights with the mind

  2. Expresses the feeling perfectly! I can definitely relate…it’s like everywhere you go and everything you do constantly reminds you of the person because they’ve completely consumed every part of your life, your being and they persistently occupy your entire mind with every breath thag you take. You live like you’re not truly alive and although you used to love food, you no longer have an appetite because of the heavy feeling in your chest yhat hurts tremendously and deep in the pit of your stomach is churning and just keeps sinking deeper and deeper as though it’s bottomless. Even while you try to keep yourself busy with studies in the library, you find your tears just won’t stop flowing…yeah, you can feel it’s reached the end, it’s truly over even though goodbyes never happened and there’s simply no closure for your dying soul. Well…after all this, at least you know it was true love. Yes, you really did fall in love and it was an essential part of your life that was meant to happen so that you now have a life lesson to be ready for an even more awesome experience that is yet to come!

    • I am speechless for awhile with your touching comment… and you are absolutely right yes you got the emotions… you got the exact pain of falling in love… thank you very much…and thank you for appreciating this piece ♡♡♡

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