~The Desires of This Fragile Heart~


I made a promise not to write anymore
Not to spill my sorrows
And tear life’s mellows
I wish I had the coldest heart
Numb in every pain
Dense, dark, and disastrous
I hope and pray to be loved
Longing to feel special
Yearning for your affection
Like how I am to you
I thirst for your tears
That you will cry with me through the years
I crave for your smiles
That will hold me till I get through this
I hunger for your touch
That will take me to places I’ve never been
A little of your time and your cares
Coveting some of your private spaces
An hour would be too much
A minute, too little
Just enough of your sweetest voice
Like a pill
You’re a remedy to my insanity
My whole being aches only for you
Like a song
You’re the rhythm that fills my voidness
Satiate my lust for truth
With words that gracefully dance in the rain
Like two souls gently loving the waves
Losing their selfish desires in the name of love
Making most of what they have
Faith and prayers I shall keep
With only one dream
To be with you… without a doubt, in your heart you want it too
Can I have your ears, your eyes, your nose, your lips, your hands?
Listen, see, smell, kiss, and touch
A bit of you to fire a tryst
Dear keeper of mine
How strong are you to take care of this fragile heart?

© quirky shine

(The Crying Soul)