~If I Only had Five Minutes to Live~

​Regret they say

Always comes last

I will offer prayers

For my life will end so fast

To give all my gratitude

To friends and foes

Express my love and honor

To family and loved ones

I will spend every minute

Wisely and meaningfully

So I can depart peacefully

A last minute poem about my life will do

Draining all verses left unwritten

I will let myself bleed 

Before my heart cries in disbelief

My tears off they go

Together with our memories

I will indeed call you for the last time

Let your soft voice

Hold me till my final gasp

And your love send me off to a place where we will supposedly meet after life

If I only had five minutes to live
              © quirky

30 thoughts on “~If I Only had Five Minutes to Live~

  1. Your poem reflects the beauty of your heart and spirit! You touch many with what you share which is always selfless, genuine and true…so your DNA touches our lives and become a precious part of it. I have been writing over 40 years and you my sister delight my heart always . Your poem and your heart remind me of a poem I wrote ,

    “The Beauty Of This Gift,”

    The beauty of the gift you have given me
    Each morning I find, as I pray, sit, and write
    Are the words given birth daily in my mind
    As I accept from you Lord, your love’s invite

    I grasp their beauty from the air around me
    Closely embracing this beautiful romantic time
    Where I measure the deepness of true love
    Which each day in my heart I find is mine

    For Lord I have never seen your loving face
    Though my spirit feels your tender embrace
    During these special times we spend together
    When your living water I am blessed to taste

    You bless me to write bringing life to each line
    Of all those things you know the world is lacking
    Allowing me to share it in the simplest of terms
    So many who are hungry might embrace them

    Feeling your spirit alive in every verse and line
    As each word begins to encourage their hearts
    While helping their minds reach that special place
    Finding your amazing grace which will daily start

    Allowing them to realize for many special moments
    Their hearts and minds will begin to live so free
    While their spirits dance embracing the gift of love
    By Your loves blessing through me they receive.

    If you had five minutes to live…i know you would be thanking God for him allowing you to share the gift he blessed you with to others. You are always a special treasure for those who love and know you my sister. Keep writing and sharing your words and messages, they help make this world a better place.


  2. This is too sad sis and You’ve written it beautifully. Memories are what we leave behind and I wouldn’t know what to do in five minutes. Eventually the sand will seep through our tight fist, very much similar to life passing by every minute. How much ever we try to keep it within our grasp under our control, it slips readily without giving it any thought and the five minutes would go away quickly to leave behind a lifeless body that speaks no more to the living world. 😦

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