~Till it Gets Wet~

Dull… Dry…This is how my day started

Longing for your sweet caresses

Hoping you’ll tame my recklessness

I search for you

Yet you were quiet

Cowed by your silence

Can’t you see the reason of my existence?

Might be too much to ask

A little time

A little attention

A little affection

Now I’m caught off guard by madness

All these heightened emotions won’t recede

I keep coming back to my comfort zone

Where in hunger I found sympathy

For lust loves it’s company

It’s you I want to lose my sanity

If only you could torment me with your stroke 

Drown me in your pleasure

And forge a fire leading to unrestrained tryst

Provoke me not with your mute obsession

Plant me with kisses that could roused my demons

A foreplay vividly floating in mind

Calling you

Screaming your name

Will you finish the rhythm?

Slow to raging breathing

Low to the highest peak

The push and pull

Creases to bits and pieces

As we reach the climax

Soaking wet

This is how I want to end my day
© quirky dark erotica

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