~Amazing You Are~


Yes you are
Not an accident
Not some magic from a master showman’s hands
Yes, you were born
For a greater plan
You are God’s profoundest master piece
An art in His collections
One beautiful thing this world needs
With your inner strength
Let the truth
Be told
That a perfect life, there cannot be
A perfect world, we cannot find
Flaws that stop us from flowing
Mistakes that override perfection
Yet a golden heart
Surpasses everything
Yes you are
Spread your wings
Fly with love
Soar with a humble heart
That seeks His grace
That loves the sky
Worry not
For all the aches and pains
Sticks and stones
They mean nothing
You are amazing
Simply just amazing
For shambhavi

© quirky


10 thoughts on “~Amazing You Are~

  1. Love love love this Qui! 😍😍😍😍😍
    This is for you:
    When I met you I found my glimpse in you,
    Didn’t know how well it would go,
    Our conversation then took on a roll!
    It went low, it went high,
    Like the sea waves touching the beautiful night sky!
    When moon was round, with no clouds to surround-
    You called me sister, with sweetness profound!
    Like the unfurling petals with first ray of light-
    Our friendship grew and took a flight,
    When the rising sun touched the horizon,
    Sending the receding moon for a run.
    And that was how I met my friend,
    Our friendship and promises that will never end.
    We will soar high,
    Like two birdies painting the sky!
    ~Shambhavi 😍😘

    • Hugs dear sister… this is so beautiful… really beautiful… your are simply an amazing sister… I am just here when you need a friend… you know where to find me… you are a good soul dear 🙂 🙂 promise to catch up 🙂 love love love 🙂

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