~Remember This Heart of Mine~


Dear love
When you run out of reasons to hold on…
When you are too tired to embrace my vulnerability…
When you feel there is no more cause to fight for me…
When you are too afraid to give your all…
When there is too much doubt in your heart, whether to stay or just go away…
When you are too sick and too cold that you need not another rain to fall…
Remember my love
For countless reasons I will hold you so tight…
For in times of trouble I will embrace your clumsiness
For some witless cause or some petty talk, I will let you win in every fight…
For in every frightening moment I will scare them off…
For in every confusion let me take care of your heart…
For every storm that comes let me be your warmth to get through this coldness…
This is my love
No promises of forever
No vows it will all be as easy as one, two, three
Remember my love
My dreams
My hopes
My faith in you…
In every toughest journey
In every difficult season
Remember this heart of mine

Β© quirkyshine

11 thoughts on “~Remember This Heart of Mine~

  1. It touched my heart. Your words are so beautifully crafted, I fall short of words to describe your writing, the ease with which you write is impeccable! Ah dear. 😘

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