~The Psyche~


Alas this darkness
I failed to succumb to lightness
I exist to love chaos
To create war within my thoughts
To fear angels
To celebrate with my own demons
I am worthless
Reckless in my words
A second-rate poet
Surrounded by legends
Inside there’s a battle going on
Matter over mind
Hate over love
Destruction over clarity
None can tame my shadow
Who can stop me?
Till death join me as I weep in my own funeral

Β© quirky shine

21 thoughts on “~The Psyche~

  1. This is stunning. Isn’t that we all wrestle with our demons, our vacillating shadows of doubt and blinks of light.
    Keep writing my dear until the way becomes clear

  2. Alleging that if no other would stop you – it surely will be me.
    Wonderful writing and most impressive.

    You are not forgotten and never will be darling. πŸ™‚

  3. To this I shall say-
    May love in your heart,
    Guide you along,
    May your heart so strong-
    Tear all the demons apart!
    May your journey continue,
    With the determination you began,
    May you realize all that you’ve achieved in such a short span,
    With dreams coloured in beautiful hue!
    May you touch the sky,
    With your wings so magnificent,
    May your words help you vent,
    The pented emotions, don’t you cry.
    May you reach your destination,
    With a big smile on your face,
    May your heart be filled with grace,
    With a grand celebration!
    May you be surrounded by many,
    When the body leaves the soul,
    Of which now you’ve lost control,
    But not of the beautiful journey.
    ~ Shambhavi

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