~Myriad of Love~


Many many things…
My eyes see more
More than my sight can hold
You are the bluest sky
I am the deepest sea
Our love became the horizon
Blurry from the farthest point
Limitless  beyond what the arms can measure
Sailing through to reach the port
Seeking answers to point of no return
Where illusions never stop passing by
My mind waits for the heart to speak
The heart knows what the soul longs to feel
Many many things…
I say a lot
I think too much
In the end I found relief
It wouldn’t matter
I will make the call
Many many things…
I’d like to know more
More about you
The history of your scars
The magic of your smile
What makes you tear?
How much love you have for me
Many many things…
There is more to love than to fear

© quirkyshine

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