~Someone Like You~


Dear Past
Why did you break this poet’s heart?
How could you leave him in his vulnerable state?
All he knows is to love you
For better or for worse
Even defy death for you to see his heart
His words written only for a pretty muse are pure and simple
With a promise that he’ll come back for you
Yet why can’t you love this poet?
Whose soul is bleeding
Weeping over you
I wish to give you my eyes
So you could see his heart through me
Why can’t you love this lonely poet?
Is it just because he cannot give you the stars and the moon?
So you left him empty handed
With deep voidness to fill in
And here comes an avenger
Searching for truth she cannot find
Can she erase all his fears?
When she is even scared to try
Is she someone he needs in his life?
Or will she be someone like you
Another fool who is afraid to take the risk?


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