~Musings of the Expressionist~


Dear Love
What shall I do now?
Now that I have completely fallin’ for you
You gave me reasons to still believe in miracles
To wait for surprises
To see what is ahead of us
Something to look forward in the future
Can this be love already?
Every time I close my eyes
I sigh! I breathe deeply
Wishing you were here with me
A hug would be alright
Little kisses but not too much
I just wanna hold your hand
And may never let go of it
You hold my heart now
A keeper I know I can fully trust
Yet I cannot say
“Yes I am all yours now”
You know what I mean?
I am not good in so many things
I am so hard to be with
I get so terrible sometimes
Bad hair days
Mood swings
Noisy and loud
Funny and the not so funny jokes
I get lost sometimes
Confused, anxious, scared
Will you be there in times I am difficult to love?
Sometimes I say serious stuff
For you to think about
It may be just some weird predictions of what would happen in the near future
Can you help me with my faith?
Help me with my struggles inside?
More challenges I added to you
A burden I have become
Help me believe in your heart
Show me what love is all about
Tell me stories
Of endless love
Will you be there when I have to weather all storms
Can you be my rainbow?
Can you be the rain when I can’t get through this pain?
Can you be my voice when I can’t speak?
Be my thoughts when I can’t think?
Can you fill my pen with your ink?
Write my words I can’t even express?
I have so many demands
While you only ask for one thing
Just to love you
And everything will follow
And so here I am
Scribbling in the new pages of my book
A different chapter
Another fairy tale
About to unfold
Once upon a time…
Will there be a happy ever after waiting?
Love, Quirky

© Quirky

10 thoughts on “~Musings of the Expressionist~

  1. Oh, Quirky, how beautiful. I was so happy to see you post. Today is my last post on wp and I’m want to wish you the best in every way. Love, prayers, and blessings to you sweet Quirky ❤ Laine Anne

      • I have a new job with a magazine that will keep me pretty busy learning for awhile. I want to earn a living as a writer. With my husband’s health concerns I didn’t know if that would ever be possible but things have worked out in the end. Hope to return for in a couple of months for a visit. I will miss you too 😥

      • Please take good care Miss Laine… and I am very proud of your new journey… I’ll just email you sister to keep in touch. I will pray for you and your hubby… please enjoy all the perks of a writer 🙂 love you sister 🙂 God bless you! 🙂

  2. Beautifully done, dear sis…so much sweetness as well as pathos in the words…. ❤

    Loved these lines especially…
    "Can you be my rainbow?
    Can you be the rain when I can’t get through this pain?
    Can you be my voice when I can’t speak?
    Be my thoughts when I can’t think?"

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