I have to recede…
I have to go away
Far and far from you
This sadness is real
A part of me is missing
Did you take it?
Lose it while it’s in your hands?
My love for you
Why is it getting stronger?
Yet all these emotions have drained me
That fire I felt is beginning to wane
I guess I have to go back home
Find that little voice
And learn to love again
I’m keeping distance
I will strengthen my walls
The more I see you
The more it grows
Love I cannot resist to give
Yet your heart cannot handle it
It brings me to tears
Unleashing those clouds in my thoughts
Filling up the voidness
With our memories
Tearing my heart to pieces
And die off itself
We are better off without each other
No more love songs
No more poems to write
No more smiles
And no more dreams to chase
We wither like the leaves
Fall like the sakura petals
Retreat like soldiers losing their weapons
In a few minutes the sun will rise
Darkness won’t be too long
I cannot fight anymore
Please love me no more
My pen is bleeding
All the blues I can think of
I let it go
Into the blank canvass
I painted misery
I let time do it’s task
How can it be
Letting go of you
You weren’t even mine

Ā© quirky

5 thoughts on “~Tristezza~

  1. I can remember long ago, i was tired of always trying to find the right person giving of myself without any success. It seems i would always lose no matter what I would do then it came to me, I realized the choices would resemble each other, so I decided to ask God to choose for me. I wrote a poem in January 1977, at my lowest…
    I will share it with you…its called ‘Alone.’


    Sometimes I feel so crazy now
    Especially at night so very alone
    My heart and soul feel so empty
    As my thoughts seem to roam

    It seems entirely different these days
    How my mistakes I seem to repeat
    Whenever I lead with my emotions
    Not really evaluating what my eyes see

    It seems I become more uneasy now
    No longer sure If I should take a chance
    As it seems each time I lead with my heart
    It always ends in another broken romance

    So I think i’ll hold still for the present
    Placing my faith in God that I will not slip
    And the wife I have asked Him for
    Will come into my life with a lasting bliss.
    I was 24, and want a lasting relationship, and I chose wrong
    all the time and I read about Jacob in the bible, how God
    chose for him. I decided to ask him to choose for me
    so I would not have to keep running in circles. January 1977,
    I met my wife to be in April 77, while we both were in
    the Air Force at tech school. I was not seeking anyone
    only waiting patiently on the Lord We had to become true
    friends first and we dated in an old fashion way. We both had
    to earn each others respect, and deeply know each others
    spirits. We married June 24, 77, and have been together
    ever since. I believe God can choose for
    us if we let him and he will choose the right one. It may not
    be what we think we want, but it will be what we need in our
    lives to help it blossom and grow. Do not easily give yourself
    to one who does not treasure you from the beginning. Value
    yourself first above all things and let one earn your respect and
    love. If they chase after you without asking anything in return,
    you will see….first you have to be friends, dating in an old
    fashion way…but let them earn your heart and show to you
    how they treasure and need you in their life. Beautiful post
    dear sister but a true blessing will come your way if you
    ask God to make it happen and wait patiently! Hugs and blessings
    my dear sister

    • Dearest brother, I really wanted to thank you for this wonderful advise here and a very beautiful poem that I can live by. Bro, love is so difficult to understand. As much as I don’t want to hurt anyone and as much as i want to escape from pain but in this game of love someone gets hurt. Maybe it is part of the process. But you are right, pray… nothing is impossible if we pray and ask God to lead you to the right person. And sometimes fate is playful and God leads you to a very difficult path cause somewhere out there your partner is waiting. Right now I let God choose the one for me by looking at the signs. well if it is meant to be then God will find a way. God will always lead you to the one. Thank you so much bro šŸ™‚

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