Let us talk about lalalove…


What is this thing called love?

“Love” it is such a vague word. But do we really understand the word “love”? Have you felt it? Have you touched it? I am not a love guru and I have had done a lot of troubles in the name of love. Actually, I am not even sure if that thing is love. Therefore, just guide me in this post.

I cannot tell if love is about kisses, hugs, touches, caresses, or sex? But why do people talk about it? What is this love? That everyone likes to feel, to experience, and to express. Love has its own realm. It has certain powers that keep us alive. We needed love and we give love. We loved because they loved us back and it just goes around in circles. That’s it? Is that love? I don’t think so.

What I really understand about this word or should I say “feeling” is that:

Love is peculiar. It is strange in a way, you get jitters everytime you see the person.

Love is indescribable you just felt it cause you guys had a thing “chemistry”. Maybe this love has a chemical symbol after all. Scientists may not have found it yet. Some click in an instant! Some fall short! Whatever you call it on facebook status!

Love is kindda mysterious that you feel excited to talk about the future. Cause you cannot wait to spend the rest of your life with him. And when all else fails..  you just wish time machines were invented and bring you back sometime before you met him.

Love is unfathomable you wanted to grasp everything about him. You want to study every cell of his body cause you are too obsessed to let him go. And when they left… you just yell “ohhhh!.Lord! Kill me! Take me! Where’s my F***** morphine.” There you go… NUTS!

But there is one thing… one sure thing I know of love.

Love will take you everywhere…

Even to the land where most stupid people live, where all the dramas you only see on television become so real, and where idiots like to hang out.

After all, we are all fools in the name of love.

Because whether you like it or not… you have been a fool sometime in your life in the name of love.

Am I right? Prove me wrong… will you?


Β© quirky

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