~A Catalyst~


A Catalyst –

I want to participate in this fellowship. Poets from all walks of life sharing a portion of their lives to this world. I want to be a witness to everyone’s growth. I want to learn from your story. See the world through you. May you help me in my journey as I go with the flow of your words. Let us weave each other’s rhymes. Connect our hearts through our verses. Touch every soul with our lines and stanzas. Count every beat and syllable. This is the poetry world. We aren’t competing with each other. We were made to inspire each and every soul – broken, lost, and in pain. Our poems are written according to our needs. They speak through a language that fills the voidness deep inside our core. If this is what poetry can do to a poet. Let our words be the light of this world. A cure to every confusion.

Wherefore premises considered, We are poets from all walks of life. Our paths differ but our voices are similar. I wanna share a piece of my being and learn from your endearing. In this world of broken dreams, a CATALYST – I must become.


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