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Sometimes I think about a memory. So beautiful I keep coming back. A memory I wanted to last but heart’s too broken some feelings turned into dust. There are those wonderful times that made us fall in love with the sound of chimes. How sweetly life seemed to be that moment your heart has finally set on mine. We were young and wild fascinated by magic and fairy tales, a happy ever after painted in the palm of our hands. And I remember the paper boats and paper planes they took us to places beyond the reach of our imagination. We were so drawn to each other like we were standing on different magnetic fields.

Yet we were too good to be true… too naive to understand the beating of our hearts… I wasn’t ready to take the leap at all.
Then we parted ways… your ship has sailed… I missed all the chances to say the least… at least a quick farewell.

And so these memories are my ways to see you again… that even in my thoughts I can be with you and I can tell you what my heart longs to say. Once upon a summer time you are the story found in the archive of my memory.


27 thoughts on “~Archive~

  1. What a beautifully expressed memory. Reading this makes me feel like the memory was mine, quite rich in imagery. Truly a FANTASTIC journey you’re taking us, your readers, on here.

    Hats off. 🙂

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