How do we get out from a painful memory, when traces of sorrow, betrayal, and heartache leave a permanent mark on our hearts?
How do we run away from our past mistakes, when guilt evokes thousands of emotions we really don’t have to dwell?
How do we achieve peace of mind when old wounds barely heal?
How do we move on from history, when the only way to set us free is to keep playing the same old track over and over again?
And though we know an escape from all these setbacks, we still choose to be victims and slaves of our fateful plight. We miss to enjoy the future as we are too afraid to take the flight.
We are who we are because of our scars.
Scars aren’t meant to scare us. They are meant to complete the whole story. They are traces of our yesterdays. Scars are memories, good or bad they serve as lessons. They teach us what and what not to live for in the coming days. And that’s the truth about our scars.


17 thoughts on “~Scars~

  1. This speaks of truths most find too painful to share. I find each stage of life leaves a new set of scars. It’s important to learn from them, but do not allow then to define us. This is insightful and a great reminder that we are not alone with our suffering.

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  3. The Scars

    Behind each scar.
    A story.
    Some thoughts.
    Beauty of life.
    Passion of love of life.
    Finding peace.
    Knowing survival.
    Cadence revealing much.
    Telling much.
    Never all.

    Enjoy these writes from you! Feeling so much from the soul, and wisdom of your heart. Is there ever a comment that may supercede myself? Many can try – none will pravale.
    My flaunt will always top the top should I decide to conquer, as long as I breathe.
    Then left behind is my legacy of truth and hope.


    • Beautiful and powerful poem to add for this prose… thank you for adding insights my love… i am happy you are back now… hehehe yes dear your legacy is something i will keep forever. Your love and everything about you. ❤ love love love 🙂

  4. “We are who we are because of our scars.”

    Beautifully written. Very insightful indeed, I have to agree with the comments above. There’s definitely a lesson to be learned here within your words.

    Best wishes. 😉

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