Behind the Scenes…


Behind the scenes…

It is easier to fake a smile than let the whole world know how vulnerable we are when too much pressure is on.

The race isn’t over yet, but we tremble each time we meet a new challenger. The rival has to come out strongly and rattled our state of complacency.

In this moment of confusion, we see only a very dark shadow and hiding behind the silhouette is our frail soul trying to accede to our own demise. We took our drama off camera and had to reckon with our terrible mischief.

What we believe is that we are too small to fit into this world and too weak to wear the silver crown. We know we have the strength to compete and the means to finish the race, but we deny ourselves of such victory as we are too coward to give it a try.

Instead, we put up a facade every day, covering those truths of our malady. And here comes a greater plague to storm our thoughts, a test to expose our real character.

Maybe we have to face our own tragedy and play different roles far better than what is portrayed in reality. Let us wait for the director’s cue as the reel starts rolling. Lights, camera, action. What they see is not what they get. Behind the scenes we are facing our own oblivion.



14 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes…

  1. Nice prose depicting humanity wearing mask and even though we wear the mask and sometimes for too long they begin to fall. Leaving us raw and vulnerable to continue on our journey but we do until our next mask falls and so the journey goes on. Well done my friend

  2. I’m really enjoying these prose pieces of yours. This write is particularly poignant and beautiful.

    I often say that I save my fake smiles for fake people. You are a beautiful diamond, Quirky, meant to shine but beware of thieves who will prey on your value. We don’t owe our true selves to anyone. Remember to share where appreciated 🙂

    • Thank you so much!! I am exploring in some themes and I am happy that you do enjoy this one, coming from you it is such an honor. That is true make some reservations but for the fake ones it is not our loss at all. I couldn’t agree more that we don’t owe our true selves to anyone. Thank you so much 🙂

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