~Unrequited Love~

sad truth2

Sad truth:
What hurts more than loving someone who pretends to be deaf-mute, ignoring all the verses in your heart, songs that were meant to fill their voidness, yet you are not the person who can quench their thirst for affection.
You are not their reflection and you are not their direction.
You are not the one who can satiate their needs, who can find the things that were taken from them, and who can rescue them while they seek solace in times of confusion.
Moments like these like you want to retreat from all pain. Shielding yourself in a lonely cold fortress. Holding your heart to console its frailness. Together with a song that arouses melancholic rhythm, it is just you and your heart all this time. As you cannot force someone to listen what your heart is dying to tell. And that’s the saddest truth of a love that is unrequited.


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