We live in a not so perfect world

This isn’t a perfect life

Change is something constant

People change

People come and go

They came to touch you

They came to teach you

And they left leaving you memories

I look back to see the footsteps printed in the sand

I paused for awhile

Embracing moments of solitude

When someone dear

Makes your eyes tear

When someone close

Have gone ahead

To venture into another place

When thoughts scattered in space

Though good bye is the saddest word

I will wish you peace

In the world where you are right now


16 thoughts on “~Change~

  1. There is a biittersweet tone to this poem which reminds me of many people who’ve journeyed through my life. Sometimes while it is sad, I also like to celebrate the precious moments with some of those people:-)

  2. Constantly ephemeral! That is what life is. Liked the spirit of the poem, where you appreciate the times you have had and gladly anticipate the possibility that better things are on their way.

    Mature! πŸ™‚

    • That is true and beautiful insight you added to my poem… people gonna change at some point… but whats more important is that we are always truthful to them even if they leave πŸ™‚

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