~A Love~


A walk to bridge the spaces between us
A smile to unfold the mystery of your heart
A touch to feel the warmth of your caresses
A kiss to create magic in the sparkle of your eyes
A beauty that shines through the depth of your soul
A love that measures the length of forever
To you my darling angel
Sent from above
I wanna thank you
For letting me
Taste the sweetness of eternity
You will always be the missing piece in my puzzle
The precise meaning of Perfection
The one that makes this journey

~your quirky~


34 thoughts on “~A Love~

  1. My Sweet – Sweet angel, it doesn’t get any better than this! Thank you so much!

    A short one just for you….

    I thank you for all you do.
    My sky stays such a delicate hue.
    Was is an angel or simply you?
    Breaking my silence and the coldness of my broken heart.
    Living life as never before.
    Open arms and open eyes.
    Wherever you are… I’ll be there.

    Thank you my beautiful Princess ❀

    seablueone – YOUR BEAR

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