“I’m a Survivor”

Why is it that some people were able to weather personal disasters and crises smoothly, while the rest of us seem to burst out wailing at even minor issues? Life is a lot like the TV reality show SURVIVOR, wherein you fight different challenges and if you were able to win a challenge, you get an immunity and you are saved on the most challenging part of the game “EVICTION”. Nobody ever wants to be evicted on that game, they came to win the prize and the only way to win it is to fight every challenge given to them. To be a better survivor in life’s challenges we must come to realize that life is a very long journey filled with changes. Change is the only thing that will remain constant in our lives. Some people find it too difficult to recuperate or bounce back in the face of a crisis because they are too afraid to accept the sudden changes in their lives. Once we have accepted that we cannot control things to make them stay the same, we have become a better person. We own our pain and it is very important to know our strengths and limitations. Sometimes we have to allow ourselves to bend under a significant amount of stress, we have to experience each and every stage of a problem before we could finally say time to move on. It is not wrong to admit you are in pain or to be vulnerable but don’t wallow in depression too long otherwise you’ll end up losing your self respect. No matter how grave or painful the situation may be, you have to know your self worth. Let go of the many emotional baggages you are carrying and learn from it. I know everyone of us has unique experiences and that there is no definite step or ways to recover from a major setback. You own your pain and you are the only one who can solve your pain. At the end of the day, it is always up to us to survive from whatever setback we are facing. The decision is ours to make. Fight my friends!


18 thoughts on ““I’m a Survivor”

  1. Hon our ones feeling, feel and live in the moment. The only way to get through. We are not behind the closed doors of others to see what or how they react to situations. If we view somebody in crisis then that person can be cool until they are behind closed door or simply the crisis will hit them later.

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