Life and Basketball

Life is much like a basketball game, somehow you need to RUN to reach the field goal. We have different goals in life and if we want to reach our goals we need to combine the offensive and defensive strategy of the game, so make the run then score.

In basketball, players avoid turnovers; in life, avoid making turnovers, do not let anyone steal your happiness, when someone is rude to you keep that smile on your face. If you allow any turnovers in your life definitely you’ll lose.
In times of crises, do some rebounds, when life gets tougher always stay offensive and when people pull you down stay defensive.
When you lose hope make an offensive rebound, try to recover from that loss. When fears are getting into your nerves make a defensive rebound and do not let fears control your life.
Life sometimes offers you fast breaks. Like in a basketball game players look for fast breaks. In life, Grab it! It’s one example of an offensive strategy in life, you have to take that shot and move the chance into a scoring position. However when you missed the shot make an offensive rebound and get another second fast break.
A good defensive player in life knows how to trick his opponent. In life your greatest opponent is fear. Don’t let your fears consume your thoughts.
Steal happiness whenever there’s turnover but avoid fouling someone. Unsuccessful steals may lead you out position and you may not be able to recover in time, allowing your fears and your opponent to score.   Avoid fouling someone, avoid making serious violations in life otherwise the rules of karma come in. We like to foul those who appear threatening to us, we make stories, destroy them, and even use violence to tear them. We are only human capable of making mistakes but if you use violence to injure someone that’s a serious foul. Foul happens in life but remember the rules of karma, if you intentionally foul someone, he or she gets the good karma. If someone fouled you, he or she gets the bad karma. Serious fouls are regarded as bad sportsmanship.
Now in this game of life, are you a good sport player or a bad sport player?
Sometimes life forces you to make blocks. If you are haunted by some past memories block it away. See life is much like a basketball game, truly exciting and fun to watch. So keep dribbling and wait where this game will take you. Enjoy the game! Enjoy life! Keep scoring!

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