~She Will Write Her Story~

Nothing is surely impossible,
It may take her years before she could finish the whole story,
And maybe years and years of editing before the whole world could read it,
But she is going to write the story,
The story she kept in her heart and mind since her childhood days.
She finally got the courage to write it down.
Long long time ago…
Someone told her, she could never write a book,
Not in her wildest dream
And that she is a hopeless dreamer
Well… who cares?
Life is not about
Who tells the story best…
She will write not for royalties,
Not for twilight stories,
Not to prove that person wrong.
But she will write
For her heart’s content.
That on her death bed
She has a legacy,
Left behind for her loved ones.
It may not be in a perfect form,
It may be something intangible,
Something magical,
That can only be found in the pages of her book.
Very soon… she will write her story



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