~That’s How Much I Love You~

I wanna venture every inch of you…

Love every flaw I get to meet along.

I wanna explore every high and every low…

All the feelings and reaction to a crazy day.

I wanna find out

What makes you sing and dance in the rain…

What would make you happy by not saying a word.

I wanna search the meaning of your smile…

The secret of your eyes that melts my steely heart.

I wanna dig into the core of your soul…

And be soaked with love and compassion you planted in your heart .

I wanna be a part of your world…

To breathe your air

And see your sight

I wanna live your life

And walk in your shoes

I wanna be with you

Sweat in your warmth and

Chill with you in a boring night

I will glide in your universe

And catch every star

I wanna be there for you

All the worst

And all the best

That’s how much I love you


~Take Me~

Take me to your world

Where roses and lilies never wither

Where the birds and the bees rain honey

I will be soaked in sweetness

And wet in bliss

Take me to your sky

Where dreams are painted

And the clouds are carved with your name

Let me see rainbows

In different shades and hues

Bring me the magic of love

Take me to your ocean

Where love is hidden in it’s core

Like a fish, I will swim every tide

Find your heart in the deepest surface

Take me as I am

Show me what love means