~Lost Love~


Letter to an ex lover…

I am nothing but a keeper of your vanity

The door to your forgotten history

I am that broken window pane

When you tried to escape from your piercing reality

I am your mirror the reflection of your broken smile

I am nothing but your conscience

Your painful karma for every pack of lies

I am nothing but your nuisance

It is my voice you’ll never hear again

As I disconnected all lines that bridge our thoughts

I am nothing but your sorrowful dream

My tears are no longer the same

For I have unlade all sadness and

Removed all traces of our yesterdays

I am nothing but a wandering soul

I bleed to rinse off decayed compassion

Setting my heart free of you completely

For you left without a note

Not a word to give me hope

I am nothing to you but

A memory of what love ought to be


Year 2012


45 thoughts on “~Lost Love~

  1. Apologies,I’m late in catching up but this deeply moving poem caught my attention. One of those soulful poems inspired by more than the muse but also the soul. Wishing you all the best and thank you so much for liking my posts. Best. Chevvy.

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