~Take Me~

Take me to your world

Where roses and lilies never wither

Where the birds and the bees rain honey

I will be soaked in sweetness

And wet in bliss

Take me to your sky

Where dreams are painted

And the clouds are carved with your name

Let me see rainbows

In different shades and hues

Bring me the magic of love

Take me to your ocean

Where love is hidden in it’s core

Like a fish, I will swim every tide

Find your heart in the deepest surface

Take me as I am

Show me what love means


16 thoughts on “~Take Me~

      • Very much so sweetheart ! I enjoy reading and thinking about poems you write. Especially this style I don’t do much of myself. I love your talents and the lovely way you express your thoughts. ❀
        You are really a beautiful woman – inside and out πŸ˜€

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