~I’ll be Watching You~

I am wandering in the sky
Hiding behind the clouds
I am going somewhere
Far far away
Venturing through the horizon
Where beauty is limitless
And love has to be craziness
I am floating in the vast sky
Where birds fly and heaven cries
It doesn’t cost a thing when you just want to enjoy
This feeling of being so in love
I see sparks everywhere
Hear angels sing our theme song
I am wandering in the sky
Peacefully watching over you
I love you

24 thoughts on “~I’ll be Watching You~

  1. Than k you so much for this beautiful poem!
    I take this one very personal love ā¤
    Like you, I have been going through many trials and hardships, only in a different way… Or is it?
    Perhaps all of our life stress are related in their own ways. To know I have such a wonderful girlfriend standing with me through all things in life is PRICELESS!
    I love you Sweet Quirky Princess šŸ˜€
    My angel in my time of extreme need ā¤ ā¤

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