~The Purity Ring~

I am proud to wear this ring
A symbol of my abiding love
To the one I’d like to spend my eternity with
This is my only covenant
To wait for the time to come full circle
A promise I must keep
Till the night I surrender my flesh to you
Where our bond will be blessed by God
I vow to remain as pure as the whitest snow
A sign of my never-ending devotion
Until I find the perfect man
Who will gladly accept me for who I am
Who will love the best and worst in me
And respect the choice I make
For love is the most beautiful feeling
The sweetest reward for those who PATIENTLY wait

© quirkyshine

*I know this contradicts to my previous post… if I am posting some sexy stuffs that does not mean I am not truthful to my covenant. This purity ring I am still wearing it today. 🙂

13 thoughts on “~The Purity Ring~

  1. With this ring.

    I do sing.

    My song of happiness.

    Sacred purity.

    Not to be sacrificed for lust.

    Not to be mocked or scorned.

    Ring to sing, sing, sing.

    Joy of love and all love remains.

    My heart, body and soul.

    Given to you willingly.

    Loving you with my all.

    Forever yours……


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