Just some quotes…

Quote 1:

The true essense of love is when you just love a person and you are happy about it even if you know that it cannot last forever. It is not about winning someone, it is not about owning a relationship, it is not about being happy cause you are in love. Love is about being guiltless cause you know you didn’t take away somebody from anybody. You just love and love unselfishly. ~jehan

Quote 2:

In love, we all take risks, we all fall down, but we should not be scared to go a little further or be a little crazier. Because in the end, the sweetest love is the one that made you sail a little farther from the shores of comfort and imagination. ~Mhia

Quote 3:

So many words were used to define “Love”… but nothing seems to fit you when you are into it. You still seek for it’s deeper meaning and the funny thing is, you’ll just end up closing your eyes and whispering the name of the person, who makes your heart skip a beat… then you’ll realize it’s not about the definition of love that matters, but a matter of emotions. ~glenda


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