A fortress made of sand

Soon will perish

Together with the tide

Built with love and passion

How can something so beautiful

Vanished too swiftly

In a blink of the eye

If only tears will give you strength

Let heaven pour it’s enormous might

How can I make one moment last

When nature only does her task

Along the shore you stand tall

Undaunted by the ebb and flow of the waves

Through the rise and fall

I will protect your steady walls

I know eternity is not your friend

Therefore, I’ll make no provision

To enjoy such stillness state

Before I lose sight of you

© quirkyshine

24 thoughts on “~Sandcastle~

  1. We build skyscrapers and businesses and poems
    and the tides rush up and claim
    the sand castles of our dreams

    i, the crown of creation
    trifling, a mark of punctuation,
    know less than the beasts
    that live and play as they ought.

  2. I think I’m the knight of sand castles. I think my majesty is is washed out to see. I just felt so a washed by your poem! Superb.

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