35 thoughts on “~Tears~ (a haiku)

  1. Beautiful as always! Hi, this is Dell–from Dim Scribbles Diary; I’m responding to your request to read the other blog–for right now, I’m not working that blog, so I’m not opening it up to requests. You can find me here at the new blog, Postcards from Panache–thanks for your interest! God bless you.

  2. The imagery of this is breathtakingly beautiful. I wish we wouldn’t overuse the word beautiful so much, because I want you to really know, how beautifully expressed this is!!
    Beavo! ♥

  3. Damn amazing that the shortest, most simply writes get the most comments and reviews. I’ll never understand it I suppose. perhaps I should really study more..
    I recall one of my shortest 3 word writes had the most reviews ever. Hahahahahahaha
    This is very lovely and does deserve lots of credit, not selling you short here my pangga! It really makes me think about what it takes to stimulate the minds of others though.

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